Watch: Young Boy Lassoes a Snake in Viral Video

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You’ve heard of the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, but how about a home version? Vaquero Outdoors recently posted a video clip to its Facebook page featuring a young Texas boy lassoing a snake. It’s received over 1 million views and countless comments. The boy’s challenge was that of a serpent in what appears to be a chicken coop. The video caption reads: “This is the most gangster thing I’ve seen in a while. He straight up lassoed a snake.”

The likelihood of successfully lassoing anything for the average Joe is minimal. Any time a rope is used to capture something, you can bet the thing on the other end doesn’t want it around any part of its body. There’s usually a fight. The young boy featured in the clip below definitely put his skills to the test.

Video: Facebook/Vaquero Outdoors

Here in Texas, snakes have been known to settle-in to some places to co-exist in habitats they’re not necessarily welcomed. Although snakes do have a place in the food chain, humans have had issues trying to maintain a life free from near disaster (in some instances) when an unlikely encounter occurs. Found under sheds, in barns near livestock, under homes, and even in toilets, a snake can pose a problem.

In Texas, those that are venomous and need to be generally given a large perimeter to go about their business without issue consist of rattlesnakes, water moccasins, copperheads, and coral snakes. It’s not like we humans have had it easy in the way of inhabiting this state with respect to critters and creatures which were (for the most part) here before us. But we do the best we can. A snake that feels threatened won’t hesitate to act according to its nature. Their defense mechanisms generally include bites that require immediate and acute medical attention. The resulting pain can be an immense health hurdle and result in an expensive hospitalization bill. Most of the snake population in Texas helps to control the rodent population, but while they’re doing so, we have been known to cross their paths, leading to dire consequences.