Whataburger’s 1-Pound Bacon Packages Will Now be Sold at H-E-B Stores

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Texas Hill Country-based burger chain, Whataburger, has found success in a partnership with H-E-B, through which an additional product release will effectively take place immediately. After partnering with the Texas grocery chain on a prior release of its sausages, Whataburger 1-pound bacon packages are now scheduled to be released in the popular Lone Star State grocery chain.

The Whataburger/H-E-B sausage release that took place in 2014 was the first of this ideal and unique partnership that sees the San Antonio fast-food giant teaming up with the Texas-based H-E-B to make food offerings available to customers of both, which are from similar market segments. Based on that success, the burger chain has now chosen to move ahead with the bacon packages through both H-E-B and Central Market stores, effective this week.

Whataburger’s 1-Pound Bacon Packages Will Now be Sold at H-E-B Stores

Photo: Facebook/Whataburger

In a company announcement regarding this release, Whataburger Vice President of Retail, Mike Sobel, stated, “H-E-B has been a great partner to us and we look forward to hearing about all the unique pairings our customers create with the newest addition to our grocery lineup.” The company has been known for its typically American fast-food offerings with some Texas twists. Now that their food packages will be consistently made available in a local grocery chain, the potential for their fans to try their own versions of Whataburger menu items at home is even greater! Operating a variety of grocery stores in and around the Texas Hill Country, H-E-B is also a San Antonio-based company which works to stock a diverse assortment of products supplied from within the state of Texas.