The Wild Detectives: You Can Sip Wine & Beer at this Bookstore Bar

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How many of you thought it would be fantastic to not only have a coffee or tea while you peruse your latest bookstore purchase but also perhaps an adult beverage or two? Your wish is The Wild Detectives’ command. Combining a bookstore and a bar under one roof, this Dallas business has found a niche they enjoy filling, while their patrons find nooks to sit and sip a glass of wine in, as they read their favorite new book.

This unique Texas bookstore has been serving beer, wine, and coffee since its opening in 2014. The Wild Detectives features thousands of books in a variety of genres such as fiction, mystery, the classics, horror, and so much more. For those shopping for that one-of-a-kind read, it’s definitely got some special selections. When you’re done reading titles, you can find a great seat to comfortably review your purchases over a drink. Those who’ve found comfort in a book club that also samples wines might find themselves right at home in this bookstore bar. And the outdoor seating on a warm summer night certainly makes for the kind of atmosphere you’ve only… ’er, read about until now.

The Wild Detectives: You Can Sip Wine & Beer at this Bookstore Bar

Photo: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

The reading material isn’t the only thing which is top-shelf. The Wild Detectives serves wine and beer that’s locally-sourced, and their coffee menu is no slouch either. The pairings at this place are exactly as tastefully appointed as you’d imagine, with delicious breakfast offerings for early risers, cheese boards and avocado toast for the afternoon crowds, and classy evening appetizers decked out with prosciutto, salmon, and turkey. You don’t have to check this place out on a solo tour either. They host fantastic events where you’ll meet a crowd with similar passions, including movie screenings, wine tastings, meet-the-author sessions, and poetry nights! A book store with bar hours isn’t too hard to take. This place opens its doors at 10 a.m. every day except Monday, which has a 2 p.m. start and closes at late night hours seven days of the week. Can your bookstore say that? We didn’t think so. This is Texas, where we do everything not only big but right!