Burleson, Texas, Holds the Record for the World’s Largest Commercially Available Pizza

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Well, Texas never ceases to amaze us. The nature of the state, its beauty, the people, and the food – everything is big, bold, and brilliant in our eyes. And what could be more brilliant than setting a record for the world’s largest commercially available pizza? Not much, according to pizza lovers and Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, Texas.

Setting a Guinness World Record was their mission, and on May 26 of this year, they accomplished that mission. “The Bus” was developed by Moontower Pizza Bar at eight feet in length by two-feet-four-inches in width. Deliverable within a limited area, The Bus costs $299.95 plus tax, including one topping. Can you imagine having this deliciously done pizza, loaded with cheese, delivered right to your door?

In this Facebook video post made by Guinness World Records, Moontower Pizza Bar is officially recognized as having set the record for the world’s largest commercially available pizza, and they couldn’t be prouder. To be made on time, this pizza requires 48 hours’ notice, but ultimately, it takes a half-hour to bake in a rotating oven, and it comes in its own enormous custom-made box. The one that garnered the title included more than 10 pounds of cheese and toppings, including mushrooms, pepperoni, and peppers. Could you handle “The Bus?”