You’ll Never Guess What Household Item You Can Use to Aerate Wine

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There’s just no hiding the fact that a glass of aerated wine taste better than pouring it straight out of the bottle. What happens when there’s no decanter in sight, though? How can you aerate wine without one? We have an easy solution for when using a decanter isn’t an option!

Sommelier Peter Mastrogiovanni (the Wine Director of the EMM Group) shows you a genius hack for aerating wine without a decanter. All you need is one common household item — a blender! Chances are your blender stays nicely hidden in a cabinet somewhere for most of the year. Well, now you have a great reason to bust it out and use it.

The process it simple. First thing’s first, uncork your bottle (if you don’t have a wine bottle opener, you can use this handy trick instead). Then, slowly pour the whole bottle of wine into the blender. After blending the wine, let it completely settle. Once it has settled, you’re done! Just pour, share and repeat!

Time to go enjoy your flavorful and airy glass of vino, all thanks to your standard household blender. And check out this video by ZGAT for a visual step-by-step guide on how to aerate wine with a blender.