Watch As This YouTuber Goes Through an Abandoned Storage Unit

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You might remember YouTuber Safiya Nygaard from her experiments with fashion like when she went to the mall and asked strangers to pick out pieces of her outfit. But for her latest video, Nygaard decided to try something completely new. Taking a cue from the TV show “Storage Wars,” she went with her boyfriend to bid on an abandoned storage unit to slowly uncover what’s inside to see if there were any treasures awaiting them.

Her “I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit” video has already reached over 3 million views from people who are just as curious as Nygaard to see what people leave behind in their containers. The process of obtaining the unit itself is also rather interesting. Even though she couldn’t film the bidding process, Nygaard explains in detail what the experience was like. Watch the video below to see which unit she purchases and if she’s able to make a profit once she cleans out the space that once held a stranger’s belongings.