8 Tricks to Kick Spiders to the Curb

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No one wants spiders invading their lives. They can actually bite and hurt you, and they can make you hurt yourself. Just let one get on you. Some people even become very good at Kung Fu movements when they walk into a spider web.

If you find yourself with these creatures, whether hiding or out in the open, do not ignore them. Very traumatic injuries and even death can come from certain spider bites. So, what can be done without calling the exterminator with his sprays of toxic brews, which he says won’t hurt you?

1. Bounce Dryer Sheets

dryer-sheetsPhoto: Facebook/Samantha Gonzalez

There are a number of herbs and items that seem to effectively keep spiders backed away from your doorway and cabinets. Bounce dryer sheets are excellent repellents for a number of insects and even deer. They won’t work on all critters but there are some that cannot tolerate these fluffy sheets.

2. White Vinegar

16078852565_98780000b4_kPhoto: Flickr/Mike Mozart

One of the better products to use that does, indeed work, is white vinegar. Add a cup to a gallon of water and spray window sills, doorways, cracks, and crevices.

3. Citrus

12153123683_92a5544ff0_kPhoto: Flickr/Peter Batty

Arachnids hate anything that is citrus….peelings of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit are superb. Essential citrus oils are perfect to use.

4. Cedar Oil

13533222_307623279569402_7521617777248451885_nPhoto: Facebook/Jade Bloom Essential Oils

Cedar is another oil that spiders cannot tolerate. There are several cedar liquid products, as well as the natural wood, that repels spiders. Cedar lined drawers and cabinets are perfect to repel these unwelcome invaders.

5. Osage Orange (Horseapples)

DSC00161Photo: Flickr/Cameila TWU

Another natural product is the fruit of the Osage orange from the tree with the same name. Cut them in half and put in places where creepy-crawlies like to hide. Some people swear they work and others say they don’t work. My grannie used them and she said they also repelled mice.

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