The Award-Winning Hill Country Mile was Named a Great Street in Texas

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A father/son team is bringing the Iron Stag to fruition at its 911 South Main Street Boerne location. Co-owner James Smith (the son) elaborated on the model behind the dining and drinks at this eagerly anticipated new eatery in a recent phone interview. The property features “exposed wood and metal beams and a rustic appeal” that Smith and co-owner/business partner Jesse Jaimes wanted to ensure went hand-in-hand with the concept. “It will be a grill-style restaurant with a scratch kitchen,” Smith said, “and we’ll offer a great selection of fresh foods and drinks. We’ll focus on seafood, steak, and pastas, keeping the menu small but intimate. When a guest returns to the restaurant, they’ll be able to enjoy something every time, without being overwhelmed by choice, or having an exhaustive menu that diminishes quality.” Their beer, wine, and cocktail selections will also marry well with the food offerings, incorporating a balance of local vineyards and breweries together with well-established names and some new choices which can’t be found at a local grocer.

The Award-Winning Hill Country Mile was Named a Great Street in Texas
Photo: Iron Stag

Smith himself will also be manning the bar, ensuring cocktails are mixed with fresh juice and that you never have to worry you’ll leave thirsty. Smith and his father work with their business partner Jesse Jaimes (a childhood friend of James Smith’s) to bring decades of hospitality industry experience, specifically in restaurant and bar expertise, to this new venture. This newest establishment on the Hill Country Mile is a perfect partnership. The father grew up in the restaurant industry while the younger Smith brings his bar management skills to the project. James brings a similar amount of restaurant experience to the mix, helping to make the Iron Stag a great environment that truly encompasses family values. Their backgrounds make for an eatery that’s already being sought-after by a growing social media following, and it hasn’t even opened yet!

Menu items such as shrimp and crawfish fondue, Caprese salad, prime ribeye, and stuffed quail make your mouth water simply reading them. With a grand opening in May 2019, the Iron Stag is sure to captivate its local audience and attract tourists with its irresistible culinary experience, impeccable service, and pleasant atmosphere.