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Take a Refreshing Sip: Boerne to Host Lemonade Day to Benefit Kids

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Summer is a time for being outside, splashing in water, and enjoying refreshing lemonade. The concept of lemonade stands has persisted in American culture for many years. In fact, a computer business simulation game around the stands was first produced in 1973 and popularized in 1979 on the Apple II machine. Since 2007, however, the learning aspects of having a lemonade stand have been harnessed through a program called Lemonade Day.

Although it may seem simple, previous participants in the Lemonade Day event have gone on to become social advocates, business leaders, and active volunteers in their communities. On September 20, 2020, Boerne will be hosting Lemonade Day, now a national event that began in Houston to empower children to understand the world of entrepreneurship. This program is free and designed to make learning fun. Kids go through the process of starting, owning, and operating their very own lemonade stand business.

The majority of the stands are usually found along the famous Hill Country Mile. Spend an afternoon strolling and shopping the Hill Country Mile while supporting the efforts of young Boerne entrepreneurs!

Take a Refreshing Sip: Boerne to Host Lemonade Day to Benefit Kids

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Upon registration, each child receives a backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook teaching signature Lemonade Day lessons such as budget creation, setting goals with profit-making in mind, serving customers, repayment of investors, and giving back to the community around them. Within this fun scenario, kids learn problem-solving and goal setting, as well as develop self-esteem. All earnings generated are theirs to keep, with encouragement to save, spend, and share.


In August, the non-profit adapted to changing social norms by offering the Lemonade Day My Way program, which involved kids in the decision making process regarding safety. Participants were encouraged to consider how to implement Lemonade Day; options included virtual stands or in-person stands with a drive-thru option.

If you are not located in Boerne but would like to experience a local Lemonade Day event, the Lemonade Day organization has a partnership with Raising Cane’s© to register for access to lessons! Check out Boerne’s event on September 20, 2020, or research hosting locally for the kids.