3 Festive Spirits to Liven-Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

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Commemorating an unlikely victory of the Mexican army over the French in the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo (celebrated due to the fact this defeat took place on May 5, 1862) is immensely popular across Texas, as well as throughout the United States and parts of Canada. In fact, North America loves participating in its recognition, in part due to the fact it recognizes a come-from-behind win, and the spirit of the underdog, which so many of us can appreciate. A popular day for home celebrations, your home Cinco de Mayo event will naturally be bright and colorful, and you’ll quite possibly want to feature some tasty spirits that convey the very same festive spirit. There are scads of brilliant beverages to complement your Cinco de Mayo party, but check out these three cocktails that are sure to liven-up your fiesta.

1. Michelada

3 Festive Spirits to Liven-Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Photo: Facebook/Michelada Recipes

Featured in a number of Texas restaurants and bars (we know some of y’all have your favorites!), not to mention many home cookouts and backyard barbecues, the Michelada makes a great addition to your beverage offerings for anything Cinco-de-Mayo-related. For a great sampling of recipes, visit the link provided here.

2. Margarita

3 Festive Spirits to Liven-Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

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A must-have for any Cinco de Mayo event is the classic margarita. A mix of Cointreau, lime juice, and, of course, Tequila, this drink is the one that will set the tone for your party or get-together. Considering the variety of Texas-made Tequila, you should be able to source the ingredients with relative ease. For drink mixology, visit the link provided here.

3. Paloma

3 Festive Spirits to Liven-Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Photo: Facebook/The Sugar Refinery

Taking into account the possibility of a tequila shortage, you might want to contemplate stocking up. However, once you serve one of these beauties, you’ll get the whole “less is more” concept. Simple, delicious, and a real crowd-pleaser, the Paloma is a drink that will have your guests raising their glasses to your good health. They’ll love it the moment they put it to their lips. For a recipe, click on the link provided here.