What’s in a Michelada? Turns Out, A Lot of Great & Delicious Things

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With Cinco de Mayo having come and gone, the number of Margaritas and Mexican beers having been served to the thirsty public most definitely increased this past month. However, if you celebrated that venerable day with friends and family and didn’t try one Michelada, you’re actually missing out on a quirky quaff that’s quite popular. This mixed drink has found a niche market in those that love spicy-hot beverages such as Bloody Mary’s, but if your grandfather used to soak tomatoes in his beer (No? Just some weird regional thing perhaps?), then you might get the gist and already have a penchant for this particular potion.

What’s In a Michelada? Turns Out, A Lot of Great & Delicious Things!

Photo: Facebook/Tipsy Bartender

The Michelada is a combination of beer, hot sauce, lime juice, and Worcestershire sauce, which is served in a salt-rimmed glass over ice. For those of you that love this assemblage of ingredients, you’re apparently amongst a select few. Fan club members of this truly unique drinking sensation feel it’s on the cusp of an epic breakthrough among beer drinkers and cocktail fans alike.

What’s In a Michelada? Turns Out, A Lot of Great & Delicious Things!

Photo: Facebook/Pepitos Mexican Restaurant

Warm weather in Texas often makes beer an obvious beverage of choice, but jazzing it up a little never hurt anyone. Did it? This extra refreshing, savory addition to your evening relaxation routine can be easy and fun to try to make and get “just right.” Ever heard of taste-testing? Who knew this could be win-win where alcoholic beverages were concerned? Some people combine beer, the juice of one lime, a shot of tequila, and a few dashes of a favorite hot sauce. Others have concocted beer, hot sauce, lime juice, and Worcestershire sauce. There are a number of recipes that can be found online if you’re pretty open-minded about trying new things. A lot of the recipes are hinged on regional quirks (hence the comment on beer-soaked tomatoes up top,) but if you really want to get down to brass tacks, you’ll make one, two, or three versions and have yourself a taste-off. Whatever you do, enjoy your homemade Michelada, and don’t be afraid to spice it up a little (or a lot!)