Combating Hot Flushes, Tears, Menopause, & Weight Gain

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Did you ever think you could walk barefooted in the snow wearing only a nightgown or a thin shirt and pants and say “Ahhhhhh, this feels good”?  Standing in a shower of pure cold water running over your body somehow feels wonderful. Everyone around you is fine, and that is not fine. Tears well up over nothing. Suck it up and face facts, because if you are not already experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, then you probably have that to look forward to. And it is not fake, put on, or overreacting. It seems everything is aggravating and irritating and just plain wrong.

Well, join millions of other women experiencing perimenopause, which is when your body begins to change emotionally and physically, leading up to the time in a woman’s life called menopause. Medical authors say that primarily 50 is the age that this process begins, but who can say for sure. There are a number of cases earlier and later for perimenopause. The rule of thumb for saying you have been through this change is after you have gone approximately a year without having a period.

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Menopause is full of hot flushes, night sweats, emotions on a roller coaster and CRA (can’t remember anything), fears of loss of sexual appetites, and some women do not want to lose the ability to have a baby.

There are many drawbacks related to menopause. Oestrogen, which keeps your bones healthy and osteoporosis from developing, also helps maintain your heart health. Loss of oestrogen affects your skin texture, joints, and lubrication. Your hair is affected and tooth and gum health is strained as well. Remember, though, there doesn’t have to be a great change in your skin, joints, or sexual desires if you follow some simple nutritional guides, that is, other than normal aging.

So, is there help for menopause? The answer is yes. First of all, know that hormone replacement therapy, as prescribed by most doctors, creates more problems than it helps. There are some new therapies that are showing promise without so many side effects, but who wants to be a guinea pig? Let’s look at some tried and true natural herbs that have over a thousand years of proven aid and therapy for women.

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