Inspired to Make Your Own Puffy Taco Lately? Here’s How!

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Tony Maples Photography


In the absence of being able to randomly go out and get your favorite foods, many people have found they’re at a loss when it comes to making certain things. During the requirement to keep social distancing and respect business boundaries during the COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic, one thing that many people crave but have yet to master is the infamous puffy taco from the Texas Hill Country!

The puffy taco is a true classic from San Antonio, and while those responsible for it yet remain a mystery, there’s no doubt that someone choosing to fry up a raw corn tortilla has become a revolution in food! This classic street taco, which is often found at festivals and fairs, has grown in its prominence over the years. With the cancellation of many public events, and the inability to get delivery in some instances, making the puffy taco at home could be your next item to check off your quarantine bucket list!


Shared on the Tastemade YouTube channel back in 2013 (how did they know this would become a part of our food bibles in this day and age?!) the video above teaches the finer points of making a puffy taco at home. Teka Molino co-owners, Ben and Raul, show viewers how to make their own dough for these fried taco masterpieces. Interviewed by Hilah of “Hilah’s Texas Kitchen,” the pair explain how Teka Molino (now with two San Antonio locations since the making of this video) mix their own dough directly in-house. This tortilla base is made of masa, which is created with ground corn. There is also a seasoning mix which the restaurant kneads into the tortilla dough, prior to rolling it out.

Following the completion of frying (which makes it puffy) the tasty task of topping your taco comes into play. Thankfully, the video also shares details on what Teka Molino uses, but you can also get creative with items you have in your own home. The beauty of being isolated and having time on your hands is that you can now take the time to learn new things and experience the joy of creating, even if it’s simply one of your absolute favorite meals. The ability to make a delicious puffy taco is worthy of being shared all over your social media during this time of social distancing! You never know who else you might inspire.