No Moss Growing on Miranda Lambert – New Song Announced

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Reports indicate that Miranda Lambert will soon have a new song on the airwaves entitled “It All Comes Out in the Wash.” Taste of Country reported on July 8, 2019, that the Texas native and country music superstar will be releasing the new single on July 18, 2019.

Discussing her upcoming new album, Lambert told, “I would call it old Miranda, but a Miranda at a whole new level, if that makes any sense.” This new project, with no confirmed release date, will be her first since her 2016 double release of “The Weight of These Wings.” She went on to tell, “It’s not going to be love song overload or anything like that,” she advised. “I made a career on being a rock ‘n’ roller and I think fans are going to hear that throughout.”

Video: Facebook/Miranda Lambert

Lambert’s song entitled “Tin Man” evoked an emotional response from her fans, who were all taken by surprise when she secretly wed her New York beau, Brandon McLoughlin. And her feelings about her new relationship are mirrored in her work. “Yeah, there is this vibe of being happy that goes through this album,” she told “I am really, really happy.” Aside from her happy marriage, there’s no moss growing on Lambert and in her hectic schedule. In April of 2018, she made history as the most decorated artist at the ACM Awards, which she quickly followed up with an announcement that her new clothing line (Idyllwind) was soon to be released. She’s also completed touring dates and released a new album with the Pistol Annies, to critical acclaim.