A Pickleback Shot…In an Actual Pickle: Would You Try It?

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A pickleback is a kind of shot in which whiskey (in this case, Irish Whiskey) is followed by a shot of actual pickle juice. As an alternative, the aforementioned whiskey shot could also be chased by a pickle bite as opposed to just the juice. Dill pickles are the type used in this shot, as the brine neutralizes both the burn of the whiskey as well as the taste. Why bother then? Well, it’s more of a love of pickles than a love of whiskey in this instance (we’re guessing). This recipe from Tipsy Bartender is a great place to start. Is there a reason you should be interested? We’re glad you asked.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed an uptick in the taste and enjoyment of dill flavors, dill pickles, and dill products. Take, for example, the fact that Sonic released its pickle juice slush in its Texas outlets, among others, just last year. It was received with some mixed reviews, but those who love pickle juice went gaga over it! Next, we saw Vlassic announce that they would be making pickle chips out of (what else?) real pickles! And consumers everywhere chatted-up the virtues of this concept on social media platforms. Finally, it turns out that whiskey and pickle juice aren’t the only alcohol/preserve combination we love. Beer and pickle juice is also a sensation. Best Maid recently partnered up with Martin House Brewing Company to make Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer, and it was a Texas amalgamation that appeared to be destined to take shape! Well, for your pickle passion and drinking pleasure, Tipsy Bartender has taken things just a step further in the “shot glasses you can eat” department and decided to make a pickleback shot in an actual pickle.

Pickleback Shot in a Pickle


Key ingredients for this shot include:

A Large Dill Pickle

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey


Tipsy Bartender is a great site for providing videos on the drink recipes they develop. The link to the pickleback shot in a pickle is available here, which walks viewers through the process of making it step-by-step. You’ll need a small scoop or a melon baller to be able to scoop out the pickle innards, but other than that, the rest is straight-forward and less messy (depending on how many shots you take). The site always cautions its viewers and readers to drink responsibly and never drink and drive, which is why this particular shot is perfect for making at home, where you can mess up all you like, snack on pickles, and have just a couple shots to enjoy. Have you tried the traditional version of a pickleback shot before? If so, you might fancy this unique way to enjoy it without the need for a glass. If not, this might be the only way you’ll ever have one again!