Let’s Play: Which Famous Texan Would be Your Quarantine Buddy?

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There are a lot of famous people who were born in Texas or lived here. Since its inception, this state has had a draw unlike any other. Most people have their favorite celebrities, historical figures, or interesting person. During this time of quarantine, consider who you wouldn’t mind staying at home with all day. Here are some options for a pretend quarantine buddy or two! If you could choose from this list of possible quarantine buddies (made up of famous Texans, both living and dead), who would you choose for your quarantine buddy during this time?

From Houston:

Red Adair, fighter of oil well fires

Denton Cooley, heart surgeon

A.J. Foyt, auto racer

Howard Hughes, industrialist & film producer

Molly Ivins, editorial columnist


From Dallas/ Fort Worth:

Ninnie Baird, baker & entrepreneur

Michael Johnson, Olympian

Trini Lopez, singer

Spanky McFarland, actor

Roger Miller, singer & songwriter

Let's Play: Which Famous Texan Would be Your Quarantine Buddy?

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From San Antonio:

Carol Burnett, comedienne

Joan Crawford, actress

Tabitha Soren, journalist


From El Paso:

Eugene Roddenberry, screenwriter

Sandra Day O’Connor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Pascual Orozco, Mexican revolutionary leader

Let's Play: Which Famous Texan Would be Your Quarantine Buddy?

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From other towns:

Alvin Ailey, choreographer

Mary Kay Ash, entrepreneur

Gene Autry, singer & actor

Cyd Charisse, actress & dancer

Claire Lee Chennault, fighter pilot

Robert Dennard, inventor

Dwight David Eisenhower, U.S. president & general

Oveta Culp Hobby, military colonel

Mance Lipscomb, guitarist & songster

Willie Nelson, singer

Roy Orbison, singer

Bonnie Parker, outlaw

Quanah Parker, Comanche chief

Bill Pickett, cowboy

Katherine Anne Porter, author

Wiley Post, aviator

Robert Rauschenberg, painter

Willie Shoemaker, jockey

Tommy Tune, dancer & choreographer

Kathy Whitworth, golfer

Babe Didrikson Zaharias, athlete

Lorenzo de Zavala, Republic of Texas vice president

This list is quite varied, but it certainly doesn’t cover every single famous Texan. Since the Lone Star State is so large and has so many towns and cities, we have a really good chance to output people who change the world. Who would you add to the list and why are they someone with whom you wouldn’t mind being quarantined? Enjoy the game and discuss with friends over the phone!