The Free Range Exchange: Bringing New Health to Small-town Texas

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Three short days after receiving natural treatments from Dr. Fitt, Roan was flourishing. “He was so healthy you couldn’t recognize him,” Workman said. “It took three days to detox him and fill him up with good stuff, giving him clean, pure nutrition.” Since then, the family has never looked back. They’ve found their new, healthy lifestyle easier than they’d ever imagined. “I always tell people that if we were still calling Grandma with our issues, we would all be so much better off, but we’ve just lost that somewhere.”

The more Leslie Workman thought of repaying Dr. Fitt, the more she wanted to inform people that a healthier lifestyle wasn’t hard or expensive. With money from a small inheritance from her grandmother, she purchased the old pharmacy building on Historic Main Street in Post, Texas. Relationships are the key to the Free Range Exchange. “Everybody who comes through really matters to me,” Workman said. “Whether they’re pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, pro-western medicine, whatever. I want to help them understand there’s another way, and it doesn’t have to be scary or hard. I want to simplify it.” When you’re absorbing more pure nutrition, Workman explained, you don’t need to eat so often.  “I’ll eat one meal a day sometimes and be like, no more, I’m good,” she said. “And we don’t have doctor bills anymore, so it’s probably a cheaper way to live.”

The Free Range Exchange: Bringing New Health to Small-town Texas
Photo: Facebook/The Free Range Exchange

The Free Range Exchange carries a variety of health products (and you can also shop online!) from herbs to essential oils to snacks for kids, including products from Dr. Fitt and EPIC Provisions. One popular item is hemp oil from White Buffalo Hemp Company, which has ties to Post, Texas. “It’s one of the purest hemp oils on the market,” Workman said. Fans of the oil claim that it’s anti-inflammatory and also helps fight symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, and even anxiety.