The Free Range Exchange: Bringing New Health to Small-town Texas

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A Texas mother’s quest to find a cure for her son’s illness led her to open a unique small-town business. The Free Range Exchange is located in the charming West Texas town of Post, an official Texas Main Street City. Leslie Workman owns the Free Range Exchange, and she admits that friends thought she was a little crazy for pursuing her dream of opening a health store in such a small town, but her infectious energy has made it a success, both on a local level and online as well.

Workman’s research into healthy living started when her newborn son Roan began suffering from a severe case of eczema. The baby was also failing to absorb nutrition and develop properly. It was a scary situation for the family, but Workman was determined to find a solution. She describes her experiences with her OB/GYN and Roan’s pediatrician as business as usual for modern western medicine. “They run you through like cattle,” she said. “We did all the normal procedures, not knowing there were other options.” Workman noted that many mothers can feel bullied or pressured into taking paths they believe aren’t right for their family’s health. “The food pyramid we have is so awful. Most doctors aren’t taught about nutrition, which is no fault of their own.  Most doctors are amazing at what they do, but they’re all about fighting symptoms instead of fighting the cause.”

The Free Range Exchange: Bringing New Health to Small-town Texas
Photo: Facebook/The Free Range Exchange

When Roan grew extremely sick, the Workmans believed the cause of the problem was the combination of a vaccine reaction and an antibiotic reaction. After exhausting the standard treatments with no improvement, Workman consulted Roby Mitchell, an Amarillo M.D. and naturopath known as Dr. Fitt. “When I went to see him, I didn’t have enough money to pay him. He said the way you pay me back is that you don’t stop telling people there’s another way.”

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