10 Beautifully Restored Texas Courthouses

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Since Texas was once part of the America’s western frontier, many of its historical places are newer than those on the East Coast. Combine that fact with the societal obsession with progress that afflicted the 1950s, and you’ve got a recipe that spells disaster for Texas’s oldest structures.

Fortunately, some counties have preserved their history, as outdated as the buildings may have seemed throughout the years. Today, there are still many beautiful examples of historic Texas courthouses scattered all across the Lone Star State.

10. Tarrant County Courthouse

If visitors to the elegant Tarrant County courthouse in Fort Worth find it somewhat familiar, that’s because the pink granite building is built in a similarly to the Texas state capitol building. Completed in 1895 by the architectural firm Gunn & Curtiss, the Tarrant County Courthouse rests in Fort Worth and was restored in 2014.

9. Harrison County Courthouse

Situated in the Harrison County seat of Marshall, Texas is the famous Harrison County Courthouse. The east Texas gem has quite a bit of historical significance in the Lone Star State. The first civil rights sit-ins in Texas took place on its lawn in March of 1960, when black students from two local colleges were arrested for trying to eat lunch at segregated lunch counters.

8. Ellis County Courthouse

A story of scorned love is chiseled into the eddifice of the Ellis County courthouse in Waxahachie, Texas. Local legend says the stone mason who worked on the courthouse fell in love with Mabel Frame, the daughter of the local boarding house landlord. The lovelorn mason carved her face into the recesses of the building, but when she resisted his advances, his carvings turned from angelic visages to demonic faces.

7. Caldwell County Courthouse

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