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The Texas Hill Country $10 Road Trip

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Today the average cost for a gallon of gas in the Austin area (based on statistics from is $1.59. This time last year, that price was almost doubled, so if you’re planning a road trip, the clamp it would have put on your budget has lessened its grip a little. With that in mind, at an average mpg of 20 (based on pickup truck statistics from and plenty of top-choice road trips to take in Texas Hill Country, it’s time to take a look at just how far your gas dollar will get you. Doing the math, $10 divided by 1 gallon @ $1.59 equals just over 6 gallons. If your average mpg is 20, you can therefore drive a distance of 120 miles. That being said, here are a few fine choices to splurge on for a Texas Hill Country $10 road trip for the record books.

A Beautiful Entrance to Hill Country



Begin your approach to the Hill Country at San Marcos, via Ranch Rd. 12, where the Balcones Fault provides a stark contrast to rolling hills with its limestone escarpment. From there, veer left onto FM 32, and meander up the road as it begins to wind atop the Devil’s Backbone, the ridge that separates the Blanco and Guadalupe River basins. There’s a picnic area (or two) allowing you to take in the views of the Wimberley Valley, officially welcoming you to the Hill Country.




From here, you can progress to the town of Blanco via Route 281, whose nature trails lead to and from its namesake river and the town square. There’s also Blanco State Park, which borders the river and has beckoned more than one warm, road-weary traveler to cool off by its dam. The Blanco Bowling Club Café (est. 1948) is a fine place to stop by, known for its Friday night all-you-can-eat catfish and the 9-pin alley in the back (9 pins being an imported German tradition to the Texas Hill Country that persists to this day.) If barbecue is more your speed, take a look at Old 300 BBQ off the main square.

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