’14 Things That I Love About Texas’ Video Goes Viral

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Tony Maples Photography


It appears after posting a picture video on fourteen things that are loved about Texas, the I Am A Texan Facebook page has hit viral Texas tea…’er gold. The video has been viewed more than 7 million times (yes, that’s million) and is presently sitting at forty-two thousand shares.

Comments from Texans and Tex-pats range from how wonderful it was that Whataburger got its own number in the list of 14 treasured Texas things, to the standard but true, “I love Texas!” followed by lengthy lists of all the great things they too would add to this list. Prepared in a simple and effective fashion, the video features items from Texas, counting upwards to 14, that are treasured by the videographer. As you can see below, fantastic pictures of everything such as scenery, music, food, and so on, are accompanied by an upbeat instrumental song.

Making scads of people happily reminisce on things they love about Texas, not to mention making people homesick for things they can no longer enjoy, having moved away, the video is a great tribute to the some of the state’s iconic items and topics in terms of pride, lifestyle, pop culture, and so much more.