3 Surprising, Little-Known Facts About Llano You’ll Love

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Situated on the Llano River, Llano itself is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Founded in 1856, it’s not only the county seat, but many of its buildings from the 1800s still remain. It prides itself on retaining a large portion of its western roots and history and offers visitors a number of great things to do such as hiking, hunting, fishing, shopping, golfing, wine tasting and touring local historic homes. These are just a few details about lovely Llano, and here are a few more that might surprise you.

1. It’s Known As The Deer Capital of Texas.

3 Surprising Facts About Llano That You’ll Love

Photo: Facebook/South Llano River State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife

With an abundance of white-tailed deer in the area, Llano is known as the Deer Capital of Texas. Hunting season is a big deal here, for good reason. Thousands of hunters make the trip to Llano each year in search of a trophy buck, and the city’s population practically triples! As such, the Llano Chamber of Commerce hosts a hunter appreciation event just prior to opening day of deer season, providing maps and information, raffles, prizes, and refreshments. It’s a big deal!

2. Once a Month, Llano Goes Country.

3 Surprising Facts About Llano That You’ll Love

Photo: Facebook/LLANO Country OPRY

The Llano Country Opry is hosted once a month at the historic Lan-Tex Theater, featuring a night of country and western music with performers from throughout the state of Texas as well as the U.S. Sponsored by the Heart of Texas Country Music Association, the show can boast many a country legend having made an appearance in Llano.

2. It’s Home to the Annual Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off.

3 Surprising Facts About Llano That You’ll Love

Photo: Facebook/Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off

Started in 2005 by a group of chuck wagon enthusiasts, the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off takes place in October each year and passionately supports the town’s roots. Participants share traditional cooking methods, wear traditional garb of the day, and vie for prizes in categories of authenticity in everything from meat to beans, potatoes to bread, and even dessert. If you want to eat like a cowboy, back in the days when the Chisholm Trail saw some high traffic, Badu Park in Llano is the place to be!