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3 Weird Things to See in Texas

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Texas is home to a few weird attractions. It is a gem of its own with beautiful destinations, small quaint towns, and amazing landscapes which make for a one-of-kind road trip. Along the hills, prairies, and roads leading into various towns, you will come across a few oddities we proudly acknowledge. Below you will find three weird, but interesting, attractions to visit along these Texas roads.

1. Museum of the Weird

Museum of the Weird

Photo: Facebook/Museum of the Weird

You can’t get much weirder than the Museum of Weird in Austin, Texas. It is self-titled “unusual, bizarre, and freaky,” according to its website. One the strangest museums you will ever go through, see the likes of zombies, mummies, the Fiji mermaid, shrunken heads, and the true story behind the museums “creature in ice.” This, plus more, awaits to astonish and amaze you with things you never thought you would find all wrapped up in one weird place.

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2. The Cadillac Ranch


Photo: Flickr/scott1346

The Cadillac Ranch, located in the Amarillo, Texas area at I-40 West at the Arnot Road exit, is an unusual sight to see. It’s considered an icon among attractions found along the Texas routes. According to, the 10 Cadillacs buried down into the ground hood first, are a creation of a group of artists out of California known as “Ant Farm.” “The 10 cars used were year models 1949, ’52, ’54, ’56, ’57, ’58, ’59, ’60, ’62, and ’64. These models were chosen to represent the evolution of the Cadillac’s signature tail fins.” The Cadillac Ranch gained, even more, notoriety and fame thanks to a Bruce Springsteen’s hit by the same name. Visitors come from all over just to see the magnificent and beautifully weird attraction that calls Texas home.

3. Munster Mansion

Munster Mansion
Photo: Facebook/Munster Mansion Tx

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