Over 30 Years of Double G Pit Stop BBQ

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Tony Maples Photography


“What temperature do you cook at?”

“I don’t know. I can just tell whenever I open up the pit if I need more coals or if I need to take some out.”, replied Bobby Galindo, pit master of Double G Pit Stop, as he scooped up a brisket off the grill. Manager and right-hand man, Dario Jimenez, stood across the pit with a shovel, stirring the glowing coals under seasoned racks of ribs, spicy link sausages, and juicy pork chops as thick as your hand. Since five o’clock that morning Dario had been stoking the fires for the perfect bed of mesquite coals in the giant metal firebox on the corner of W. Wallace and N. Fentress Street in San Saba.

Bobby Galindo with Brisket Double G Pit Stop San Saba

Photo: Jessica Pickett

On the front porch of the Double G’s drive-thru beverage barn, Mr. Bobby can be seen sagely keeping watch over his two customized BBQ pits. By cooking over live coals instead of smoking the meats he creates juicy, savory Texas Hill Country Style Barbecue. “There’s a difference between barbecuing and smoking. I cook directly over the fire so this is true barbecue. I like just a touch of smoke, not an overwhelming smoke flavor that makes you belch the rest of the day.” And to ensure maximum juiciness and that the natural flavor of the meat is the forward flavor, every cut of meat takes one last au jus dunk before coming off the pit. Pure barbecue goodness. Especially with a side of creamy potato salad and slow-cooked beans.

BBQ at Double G Pit Stop

Photo: Jessica Pickett

But the only chance to enjoy some of Mr. Bobby’s authentic Hill Country Barbecue is on the weekends. The gentle haze of smoke wafting from the Double G signals the arrival of Saturday in San Saba. The walk up order window slides open at 10:30 in the morning and slides closed for the day whenever they sell out of food. “It also depends on the time of year. Some days we sell out at 2, others at 6.”, explains Dario when asked how much they serve. “During deer season, we can go through 8 briskets a day.”

Order Window of Double G Pit Stop San Saba

Photo: Jessica Pickett

It may not be the biggest restaurant in town. It may not have the glitziest facade. But Bobby Galindo has seen his share of other barbecue joints come and go since he started Double G back in 1985. “It’s like any other food – fried fish, Mexican, pecan pie – everyone has their own way of cooking it, everybody’s tastes are different. But I’ve been here for over 30 years so I must be doing something right.”