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4 Reasons to Drive to Hico, Texas

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Hico, Texas is at the northern edge of the Texas Hill Country and has a lot to offer both locals and visitors. Plan a trip to Hico, or at least plan to pass through and spend some time there. It is located where Texas Highways 6, 281, and 220 come together in Hamilton County, so it’s part of a calmer, more scenic drive from north Texas to southern parts of the Hill Country than traveling in heavy traffic on Interstate 35.

1. Food

Wiseman House

Photo: Facebook/Wiseman House Chocolates

You can time your drive so that you arrive in Hico in time for a good meal. When many people think of Hico, they think of food, because there are numerous restaurants to choose from with different types of delicious cuisine. One landmark of the city is the Koffee Kup Family Restaurant, where people come from all over for their homemade baked pies and their fluffy breakfast pancakes. Another fun place to grab a quick meal is Eis (pronounced Ice) Ice Cream and Sandwiches. Wiseman House Chocolates is an amazing place that will delight even the most serious chocolate addict. They offer fine hand-made chocolates and chocolate-related gifts. You will need to sample their hot sipping chocolate – it’s to die for!

2. Billy the Kid

Billy The Hico

Photo: Facebook/Billy the Kid Museum

Another major thing that people think of when Hico is mentioned is Billy the Kid. There is controversy over whether the infamous Billy the Kid died in 1881 or in 1950. Popular belief here is that he was not killed in Fort Sumner in 1881 but lived in Hico, under the alias of Ollie P. Bill (Brushy Bill) Roberts until 1950. Come visit the Billy the Kid Museum in Hico to learn about the legends and the history of the city while shopping for souvenirs and gifts. See all types of old photos and documents that tell the colorful story of early Hico.

3. Shopping


Photo: Facebook/Tourism-Hico

To walk off your meal, or to spend time before your next meal, plan to visit historic downtown Hico. Here you will find many great places to shop – antique stores, a nuts and coffee shop, a photography and art gallery, and various unique stores and boutiques with many different types of fun gotta-have-it needs and wants, as well as gifts for everyone on your list.

4. Annual Events

Car Show

Photo: Facebook/Billy the Kid Museum

The people of Hico work hard to keep life interesting with fun annual events throughout the year, such as the Billy the Kid Rides Again Open Car Show each spring. They also host an annual Super Saturday six-man football event for smaller schools across the state, bringing in thousands of spectators. Then. there is the Steak Cookoff & Wine Festival in May, the Billy the Kid BBQ Cookoff in November, and a Fall Antique Fair.

Hico is a small town with a population of only about 1,500 people who love where they live. The town motto is “Where Everybody Is Somebody,” and when you visit, you will certainly feel that welcoming vibe. Try to make a trip to Hico something on your upcoming to-do list. You will be glad that you did.