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5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

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Is there really a better time to visit a Texas Hill Country state park then now? While temperatures can fluctuate wildly during winter, there’s a good chance that in between every cold snap the temperatures are mild enough to spend quality time outside. What better way to spend it then at a Texas state park? Check out five amazing reasons to pack a lunch and head out to Colorado Bend State Park now.

1. Hiking

5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

Photo: Flickr/Tiny House Brewing & Farmstead

With more than 5,300 acres of canyonlands cleaved from the typically lazy Colorado River and 32 miles of trails for exploration, this park is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The trails are tailored for folks of all levels, so don’t be shy. Grab your hiking sticks and get on out there.

Particular points of interest include:

  • Spicewood Springs – wander back and forth across the creek intoxicated by spring fed pools and waterfalls. Hike to the top for stunning canyon views.
  • Gorman Falls – the most popular hike in the park leads to a stunning 60-foot waterfall.
  • River trail – thick foliage and access to the river make this trail a warm weather favorite.

2. Fishing

5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

Photo: Flickr/Patrick Lewis

Picture yourself floating in your canoe on a cool, crisp morning, warm mug of joe in your mittened hand. What could make it better? Reeling in a nice big bass or two to grill over a campfire might be kind of cool. You can live this dream at Colorado Bend. Historically known as some of the best bass fishing in Central Texas, the park doesn’t even require you to get a fishing license. (None of the state parks do.) Fish cleaning station conveniently awaiting your fresh catch. All you need to do is just relax and fish. For newbies, who want to try themselves in fishing we found these tips for choosing your first rod.


5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

Photo: Flickr/Chris Vreeland

Maybe one of the most unique features about Colorado Bend is the opportunity to go caving. More than 400 caves pockmark the canyonlands here and a few are open for exploration. So get over your fear of the dark,  switch on that headlamp, and get ready to go underground.

Nichols Outdoor Adventures offers several different caving experiences from family-friendly to get your knees dirty to elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets required. They’ve even got a tour for climbers that like to shove and shimmy their way into tight spaces above ground.

4. Backpacking

5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

Photo: Flickr/Randall Chancellor

Maybe you have two to three days to spend at the park. And perhaps your idea of a great vacation is to jump off the grid for awhile. Then roll up your tent and sleeping bag, grab some dehydrated food, and plenty of water, and strap it all to your back for a multi-day backpacking expedition. Primitive campsites flung throughout the 32 miles of trails make disappearing into nature easy.

5. Birding

5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Colorado Bend State Park

Photo: Flickr/Syd Phillips

It’s no secret that Central Texas has some of the best birding in the country. So if you are a follower of feathered fowl, then you too will find plenty to be happy about at Colorado Bend. With a flowing river and spring-fed pools, rocky canyonlands, and heavily treed areas, you can bet you will see a wide variety of birds to check off your life list. Don’t have a life list? That’s okay. See how many birds you can check off from the park’s field checklist.

The Texas Hill Country boasts some of the best parks in the state. Visiting them is affordable and restorative. Here’s a New Year’s resolution anyone can keep. Make visiting a Texas state park a priority this year!