5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

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Having just announced the semifinalists in the 2017 Big Tex Choice Awards, the state fair of Texas is beckoning the avid foodie to make their list of great foods to try when the fair opens to the public September 29-October 22 this year. A large part of the fair-going experience, the Big Tex Choice Awards honors the crowning glory of food fare to be had, this year having three champions as opposed to prior years. The big event selecting the winners is a ticketed event happening Sunday, August 27 in Dallas, as the historic Tower Building. For those that can’t make it, however, here are five foods that fair-goers must-try at the upcoming state fair of Texas.

1. Injectable Great Balls of BBQ

5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

Photo: Facebook/State Fair of Texas

Created by Glen Kusak, these were a huge hit with fair-goers in 2016. Made with smoke-crusted barbecue beef brisket, which is hand shredded, mixed with bock BBQ sauce, and then molded into balls, they’re then breaded and deep fried and served on a bed of coleslaw. Each order comes with its own injection of bock BBQ sauce for a succulent bite each time!

2. Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella With Jalapeño Ranch

5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

Photo: Facebook/Nonno’s Pizza & Family Restaurant

Made exactly as it sounds (only perfected), this fair food entry was selected as one of the 30 semifinalists in this year’s Big Texas Choice Awards. A perfect balance between the crispy, smoky bacon, the mildness of the mozzarella and the pizzazz of the rest of this fried fair food concoction, this should be one of the tops of your fair-going foodie fan list!

3. Deep-Fried Root Beer Float With Dragon’s Breath

5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

Photo: Flickr/stu_spivak

Another that has made it into the semi-finalist’s listing for the Big Tex Choice Awards in 2017, a deep-fried root beer float with dragon’s breath sounds like a perfectly juxtaposed food pairing that needs to be had! The skill that it must take to prepare this sampling alone warrants the need to try it. Imagine the tactics, time, and energy that most likely went into the making of this dish?!

4. Fried Jell-O®

5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

Photo: Facebook/Lauren Przybyl

Created by Ruth Hauntz, this dish including one of America’s beloved childhood desserts is a fair food that needs to be sampled. With its cherry-flavored Jell-O filling, panko breading, and flash-frying for perfection, it’s a great sensation that made the 2016 Big Tex Choice Awards. A dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream (complete with a cherry on top), makes this dish absolutely divine.

5. Fernie’s Down Home Chicken Pot Pie Pocket with Mac ‘n Cheese Dip

5 Must-Try Foods at the Upcoming State Fair of Texas!

Photo: Facebook/Oh So Cynthia

Created by Christi Erpillo, this dish is the perfect combination of two classic comfort foods. A savory cream sauce surrounds a mouth-watering shredded roasted chicken breast, white potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, and a mixture of herbs and spices, which is then ladled into pastry dough and deep-fried in a “hot pocket” style. Served with a dip that’s loaded with homestyle mac ‘n cheese flavor including a sharp cheddar taste, it creates a filling and winning fair-food combination!


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