5 Things You Didn’t Know About Devine

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Devine, Texas in Medina county stands just outside the border of its big brothers to the north, San Antonio and Bexar County. Do not be fooled, there is more than meets the eye to this Texas town. Welcome to Devine, Texas

1. We Have Peanuts!

Spanish Peanuts!

Photo: Flickr/jonathanfreese

Devine has the largest Spanish peanut shipping center in all of South Texas. When it comes to peanuts, Devine has got you covered. Odds are, if you live in the Southwest, the peanuts you are eating were shipped out of Devine.

2. Devine Has Tortillas!

King of tortillas.

Photo: Flickr/Meagan Cochran

Devine is also a major center for growing and milling of white corn. In fact, the prominence of white corn even replaced cotton as the main cash crop as the city continued to grow from when it was first established in 1881. What does every good South Texan know about white corn? It is used to make tortillas of course!

3. The Great Northern Railroad, All Aboard!

The great northern railroad

Photo: Flickr/Baab

The Great Northern Railroad, which was being extended from San Antonio to Lubbock, provided Devine with growth and commerce. In fact, it’s because of the railroad that the town was officially established and put on the map. Many travelers and workers liking the proximity to San Antonio, began to settle as a result.

4. Devine is Aldermanic.

Meet the aldermen.

Photo: Flickr/Boston Public Library

The above term describes the system of government in Devine. Alderman is an old English word meaning a “ward” or “caretaker”. In modern terms, this means that the government consists of a council and managers. Devine was one of the first cities in America to adopt this form of government which now comprises about 40% of all city governments in the U.S.

5. Devine Has a Municipal Airport.

The municipal airport in Devine.
Photo: Flickr/AustinPilot

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