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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Llano

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5 Things You Didnt Know About Llano

Llano is situated on the Llano River in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. It has a population of approximately 3,000 and is the county seat of Llano County. It was founded in 1855, and buildings from the 1800s still remain, as the city is committed to retaining a significant portion of its western roots and history.

Although it’s a small town, visitors can find many interesting things to do in and around the area, including fishing, hunting, hiking, rock hunting, bird watching, shopping, golfing, boating and swimming at the local lakes, wine tasting and touring the local historic homes. Here are a few more things you probably didn’t know about Llano but should definitely check out.

1. Red Top Jail

5 Things You Didnt Know About Llano

Photo: preservationtexas.org

Red Top Jail was built in 1895 and still has its original hanging gallows inside today. When it was first built and used as a jail, it had eight jail cells. Each cell could hold up to four prisoners, and they slept on hammocks. The first floor of the structure housed the jailer’s family, and the hanging gallows were located in the tower. It was used as the county jail until 1982.

Because people were executed in this structure, it’s not surprising to hear reports of paranormal activity at the site. Various “ghost hunters” have set up equipment in the Red Top and recorded extrasensory activity including electronic voice projections and photographs of orbs and ghostly figures. The nonprofit organization Friends of the Red Top Jail, hosted a haunted house for about 600 kids in 2008, and they believe this event resulted in recent paranormal sightings.

The structure is currently undergoing renovations, but it will open to the public in 2015.

2. Bald Eagles

5 Things You Didnt Know About Llano
Photo: Flickr /David Schenfeld

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