6-Foot Snake Slithers Down Chimney Into Texas Man’s Fireplace

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If you’re from Texas, you’re aware of the many critters and creepy-crawlies we have in the Lone Star State. Well, a man from Lufkin, looking into a noise coming from his chimney, was shocked (to say the least) when a 6-foot snake stared back at him from behind the glass of his fireplace cover. Those with ophiophobia (fear of snakes) can definitely relate.

Gary Antley found the snake at approximately 2:38 a.m. He was just about to go off to bed when it happened. Instead, Antley picked up a pair of tongs in an effort to remove the snake, which was identified as a rat snake – a non-venomous serpent. Antley told local media he went from mild-mannered to panic, wondering what to do.

6-Foot Snake Slithers Down Chimney Into Texas Man’s Fireplace

Photo: Wikimedia

Antley even managed to film his snake removal process, aiming the camera toward his fireplace. He proceeded to open the glass doors with caution as he kept a safe distance. He then used the tongs to grab the snake’s neck and pull it from the soot. Antley gritted his teeth. The snake got caught in the fire curtain. Antley then proceeded to grab the snake’s body with his hand in order to free it from the curtain. He then managed to pull it from the fireplace and later, he placed it into a pail, closing the lid. “I may not sleep for a week now,” Antley stated in a Facebook post, where he also shared a video of his encounter with the snake. It’s since been viewed by thousands of people, some leaving positive comments. Antley advised that he later safely released the snake into the wild, a few miles away from his residence.