Alice Littlefield Haunts the University of Texas in Austin

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Have you ever heard of the movie “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”?  Well, that’s not exactly true in Austin at the Littlefield House.

On the campus of the University of Texas at Austin stands a true haunted house. According to sources and hundreds of witnesses, this Victorian ghostly mansion is the real deal. The architecture may look charming and regal, but the inside holds some dark and creepy secrets.

Alice Littlefield Haunts the University of Texas in AustinPhoto: Wikipedia/Public Domain

The Littlefield home is located at 24th and Whitis Streets. This magnificent mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. It was designed and built in 1893 for Civil War veteran George Littlefield and his lovely wife Alice. They paid $50,000 for it. George was a very successful businessman in the banking and the cattle business. This powerful couple were major benefactors to UT. They made healthy contributions to the university several times a year.

George Littlefield had a deodar cedar tree imported from the Himalayas as a gift for his wife. It’s planted on the southwest side of the house where it still thrives today. He even had the soil where the tree was to be placed dug up and replaced with its native soil. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and is one of the most talked about trees in the Austin area. It stands approximately 35 feet tall.  Alice loved to putter in her garden and the yard and took great pains with this special tree.  She was known far and wide for her green thumb.

Alice Littlefield Haunts the University of Texas in Austin
Photo: Flickr/Wally Gobetz

Everyone in town knew them to be a friendly and very loving couple. Both of them loved children of any age and believed in higher education. Their marriage produced two children, but both of them died soon after birth. Their nieces and nephews became their focus and were frequent visitors to their aunt and uncle’s house. They paid for college educations of all 12 nephews and 17 nieces. They started each nephew out in business and gave each niece a new home. Everyone in the family worshiped Uncle George and Aunt Alice.

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