Bill Sutherland’s Journey from Tuscany to Texas

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Imagine suddenly changing your career at the peak of it. That’s what Bill Sutherland of Andreucci Wines did. He ended up in the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg, where he now runs Andreucci Wines with his wife. His fascinating journey took him from Texas to Tuscany and back again, with many adventures along the way.

The Beginning

Bill Sutherland started out in the real estate business. He had his own company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and ranked at #2 in the world for Century 21. However, the business felt too large with 150 employees, so he sold everything and left for Italy with his wife. He’d always wanted to live in Tuscany, and bought a house there as a second home. After giving up his real estate business, he and his wife lived there full-time.

A Long-Awaited Love

Hands making a heart shape in front of the sun


Bill was not always married to his current wife, Patty. They were high-school sweethearts who parted ways for two decades. But, they reconnected, and have been together for the last 30 years, supporting each other all the way. Patty supported Bill’s move to Italy, and he supported her while she earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in art at TSU, where she also taught for a while. Even today, their love remains strong, as Bill waits for a new heart to replace the exterior device he carries to help his own failing heart operate.

The Tuscany Years

Tuscany Where Andreucci Wines Originate

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For 15 years, Bill and his wife, Patty, lived in Tuscany. At first, he joked about becoming farmers, but instead, they opened a cooking school with many of the grandmothers in the village teaching authentic recipes. The cooking school proved to be a tremendous success, appearing on the Food Network, “The Today Show,” and on Fine Living TV.

Coming to Texas

Texas State Flag
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