Armadillo Chills in East Texas Pool While Family is Away on Vacation

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Tony Maples Photography


It appears that during the time an east Texas woman was enjoying her family vacation, a stranger was making itself at home in her pool. An armadillo was found sunning himself on one of her pool floats when her sister-in-law went to check on her animals!

In a recent Facebook post, Kristy West said, “Y’all I have the best sister n law ever and mother n law for videoing this…” West went on to say that the critter seemed to just want to chill in her pool, not yet ready to call it a day. West had posted a video of the armadillo being kicked out of the pool by her in-laws, which shows he wasn’t in much of a rush to vacate the premises (would you be?).

Video: Facebook/Kristy West

Living in the wild can apparently be exhausting. When an empty backyard and a free pool float in the summer sun made themselves available, this little guy jumped on it. West herself was enjoying some water, sun, and downtime when she got the text from her sister-in-law. When West’s daughter came rushing out into the water with her phone, at first West thought something terrible had happened. Imagine her relief when she saw the photos. West found it amazing and hilarious, and she enjoyed a good laugh about it with her daughter.

Since the heat of a Texas summer is still ablaze and finding the right opportunity to cool off is like discovering a gold mine, West said she’s not opposed to the little dude taking a dip in her pool once more. She’d likely just let him chill out, but she is still curious about just how he managed to hop on the pool float.