Is This Small Texas Art Haven the Next Marfa?

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With artistic hotspots, small shops, old buildings and a quaint feel, Corsicana, Texas just might be “the next Marfa.” This small town has become a haven for artists and small business owners, and it’s located only an hour outside of Dallas.

Kyle Hobratschk, a Dallas artist, started a residency program for writers and studio artists called 100W. Creatives from Iceland to Chicago have lived and worked in the space that used to be an old Independent Order of Odd Fellows building. As efforts like Hobratschk’s have brought interest to the town, Corsicana has been “put on the map,” so to speak.

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Corsicana’s director of tourism, Sara Beth Wilson, told the Dallas Morning News that she has started to turn people away from buying downtown real estate since nothing is available: “The [open] buildings down here are few and far between…In the past two years I’ve been here, it’s grown tremendously.”

Though Corsicana’s downtown is currently bustling with life, it used feel empty and forgotten. Even now, areas outside of downtown are still in poverty. Lines of segregation are obvious, and some longtime residents are grappling to adjust to the newcomers to the town.

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The changes in Corsicana are reflective of many Texas towns’ stories. The soda fountains, artistic endeavors and charm will give international artists a taste of Texas, and hopefully develop a space for all residents, new and old, to enjoy.