The Art of Texas: The Appreciation of Beauty at Its Finest

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The Lone Star State has a reputation for having beauty beyond compare, but driving, hiking, or riding through it isn’t the only way to enjoy it. In truth, some of the most amazing sights in the world can be found in Texas art museums. With exciting new exhibits happening in every major city and even some of our more rural locales, inspiration and awe can catch you at any moment.

In the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio features some inspiring offerings in the way of art, not the least of which was the first museum of modern art in the entire state, the McNay Art Museum. Housing some epic works by the likes of Georgia O’Keefe and even Pablo Picasso, this is a great place to see the contributions of notables in the world of art. Likewise, the San Antonio Museum of Art, located along the River Walk, is housed in the former historic Lone Star Brewery, and it displays works of art dedicated to the city’s rich heritage. Here, you’ll find a wonderfully thorough collection of Latin American pieces that range from antiquities through to the contemporary.

The Art of Texas: The Appreciation of Beauty at Its Finest

Photo: Facebook/Mexic-Arte Museum

In the state capital of Austin, art lovers are never lacking in sights and scenery which is expressive of art. Its local galleries consist of such greats as the Mexic-Arte Museum and The Contemporary Austin, among others. Home to the largest university-owned art collection in the U.S., the Blanton Museum of Art features modern, classical, and contemporary pieces of Latin American and American art. If you’re looking for something a little more pop-culture in nature, a visit to the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (opening this year) will allow visitors access to the former graffiti art with which the original location was synonymous, as well as a full service events center.

The Art of Texas: The Appreciation of Beauty at Its Finest

Photo: Pxfuel

Other parts of Texas are chock-full of art, such as Marfa, Port Arthur, Dallas, and Lubbock. They showcase artists from around the state and beyond, with some of the finest exhibits of modern, classic, and even Western pieces! Texas is a sight for sore eyes, but not so sore you can’t recognize its contributions to the appreciation of beauty through art.