Artist David Adickes and His Presidential Faces That Tour the Nation

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Tony Maples Photography


In an exclusive series from ABC13 titled “Hidden Houston,” we learn about the talented work from artist David Adickes. Adickes is well-known to Houston for his amazing sculptures of “Presidential Faces” that are on display all around town.

Adickes shares that his inspiration for the sculptures came from a visit he made to Mount Rushmore. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of those presidential faces carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, he came up with the brilliant idea to create the same presidential sculptures, but at a smaller scale, and create all of them.

Check out the video below from Houston Public Media with an interview with Adickes and his story on his sculptures.

Adickes’ “Presidential Faces” are nearly 20-foot tall and are housed on a lot on Nance Street in Houston, TX, which used to be his studio until he moved to Huntsville, TX. They have traveled all across the Nation on display at various events, festivals, and major parks.

All our former Presidents are together again from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, as well as recent leaders such as George W. Bush along with his father George H. Bush and Bill Clinton. Even Barrack Obama has joined the group. Adickes shares his favorite is Lincoln because of the many great photographs of him and his features are unlike anyone else. The toughest one to create was Gerald Ford.

Adickes is a true Texan to be reckoned with and has an amazing talent which has brought back to life our beloved Presidents for all to admire through his one-of-kind sculptures.