Austinite Creates ‘Stranger Things’ Christmas Display in Their Yard

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Tony Maples Photography


Between minions, the Astros World Series Win, and a Texas winner of the “Great Christmas Light Fight,” this has been quite a year for impressive light displays. Now, KVUE writes that there’s another notable installation in Austin. A house on 37th Street has decorated their home to look like the famous living room in the Byers’ home in the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things.”

After being posted on Reddit, a photo of the house has gone viral with fans of the show loving the ode to the show’s first season and giving a spooky spin to Christmas.

Austin’s 37th Street has been well-known for their Christmas decorations for the past few decades. On the Reddit thread where the “Stranger Things” light display posted, someone inquired as to how the street was looking this year. MrRorschach replied, “Yeah, it is no where close to the craziness of the 90s or 00s, but still totally worth checking out especially since you don’t have to wait in line on Guad (though I am biased as I live on the street and semi-organize it.) There are about 10 houses that put work into doing weird displays. This year was much better than last year, and we had some good neighbors move onto the block…so we hope to keep building momentum.”