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Austrialian Couple Snaps Photos of a Scary Nighttime Visitor – A Giant Huntsman Spider

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Tony Maples Photography


We think we have it bad with Texas-sized cockroaches, but Australians have huntsman spiders to contend with. Giant huntsman spiders often have a 12-inch leg span, which leads Bored Panda to characterize them as a “horrifying dinner plate-sized beasts.” They’re known to bite, but they’re not necessarily thought of as “extremely dangerous,” more like, “extremely terrifying/disturbing/gross.”

Recently, a couple in Queensland, Australia made the news after they snapped photos of their nighttime visitor. MSN writes that they were trying to make dinner outside on their barbecue, but noticed a massive spider had beat them to the area. Once they attempted to shoo it away, it grew agitated.

Lauren Ansell says the arachnid then made its way up the side of their home and began crawling inside through the sliding glass door. Her husband took action and slammed the door on its legs. It finally retreated into their garden, seeming to adjust to losing part of two legs.

“We nicknamed the spider ‘Aragog’ from Harry Potter, and feel the spider has run into the forbidden forest,” Bored Panda quotes Ansell. Ansell’s photos have now gone viral with viewers wondering what they would do if they came face-to-face with an Australia-sized creature. Perhaps flying cockroaches aren’t so terrifying after all.