Autumnal Paradise: Lost Maples State Natural Area

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Hidden among steep canyon walls, just a three-hour drive from Austin lies the immaculate Lost Maples State Natural Area. Home to Uvalde bigtooth maples, stunning vistas and the sanguine Sabinal River flowing peacefully through it, it’s truly an autumnal paradise.

Come for the Foliage and Stay for the Fun

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas, Texas Hill Country, Fall, Autumn, Leaves


This natural area is more than just a scenic utopia. Explore over 10 miles of trails, choose from 30 campsites with water and electricity or hike to one of six primitive campsites, or fish in the Sabinal River or Can Creek. Lost Maples is also home to a wide variety of birds, including two en­dan­gered species: the golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo.

Autumn in the Hill Country is Worth the Wait

natural beauty, Lost Maples, Autumn, Texas Hill Country


While it is a perfect autumnal paradise, no matter what the season, Lost Maples is a hidden trove of beauty.

Bring the Camera

Lost Maples, Autumn, Vanderpool, Texas Hill Country

Photo: Rigdon

Thoreau himself couldn’t make this up. It’s mother nature’s gift to us. You’ll definitely want to relive this year after year.

Stay the Course


Photo: Flickr/Betty Timm

Be sure to stay on the trails. This natural area boasts steep and rugged terrain. Guests are advised not to climb on rocks or hillsides. As well, bigtooth maples have shallow roots, and you can hurt the trees by walking over their roots. So stay the course and enjoy the view.

Leave no Trace

Lost Maples, Texas Hill Country, Vanderpool

Photo: Latt

Lost Maples may be an autumnal paradise, but it is a natural area and not a national park. As such it is critical to the survival of this incredible ecosystem to keep the scenery clean. Guests to the area should be especially considerate and leave behind no trace of their visit.