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5 Things to Avoid on Valentine’s Day: You’ve Been Warned

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Do you really want to sweep your romantic partner off his or her feet? If you aren’t sure that they are “the one” avoid these five Valentine’s Day activities at all costs. There may be unintended consequences.

1. Don’t Come to Fredericksburg

Canoe Barn B&B

Photo: Robert C Deming

If you want to see how wrong you can go, read this post from the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau: “Wine and Dine Your Valentine in Romantic Fredericksburg.” A bed & breakfast like this will create expectations you may find it hard to live up to. This tiny house has everything you need plus a deck overlooking Baron’s Creek, and it is just one of 900. You won’t want to leave! Watch out, you’re setting the bar pretty high.

2. Avoid Romantic Walks

Ducks at Lady Bird

Photo: Robert C Deming

Strolling hand-in-hand to feed the ducks…well, it is romantic. If you are trying to tone down the romance, take your sweetheart for a jog around the track instead. Lady Bird City Park in Fredericksburg has a beautiful stroll under the trees along Live Oak Creek with ducks eager to create photogenic scenes for you. Avoid places like this at all costs!

3. Avoid This “Unequalled” Restaurant 

Valentine's Day

Photo: Facebook/Cotton Gin Village

This restaurant claims to be “An Unequalled Fredericksburg TX Experience.” This may well be true, and nothing says romance quite so well as fine food in a restaurant with genuine ambiance. Can you imagine what having such an elegant and delicious meal with your partner will do for your future dinner plans?

4. Just Say No to the Winery Experience

Lost Draw Winery

Photo: Robert C Deming

The friendly staff at this Fredericksburg winery are eager to share their wines with you and your romantic partner. You are going to earn big points for finding such wonderful all-Texan (Terry County) wines while avoiding the lines for the shuttles, as this place is just south of downtown, adjacent to H-E-B. Watch out! After sipping these delicious wines you may get notions in your head you don’t want to acknowledge out loud.

5. Whatever You Do, Avoid Sunsets

Sunset at Cross Mountain

Photo: Robert C Deming

Sunsets can be dangerous! This view from Fredericksburg’s Cross Mountain Park should be avoided at all costs. And, don’t even think about taking that bottle of wine you bought at the winery with you to share at the picnic table on top.

Take your romantic partner to these Genuine Fredericksburg Hill Country Experiences at your own risk.  There may be unintended consequences. You’ve been warned.