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3 Adorable Baby Otters Born at the San Antonio Zoo

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Tony Maples Photography


The San Antonio Zoo’s 8-year-old otters, Ague and Charlie, are now proud parents to three ridiculously cute pups. The trio was born back in mid-November, but they hadn’t had their time in the media spotlight until now.

MySA.com says zoo officials stated,”Mom (Ague) spends a lot of time eating so she can provide nutrition for the pups as they nurse. The father (Charlie) is a great protector and he likes to build a new cozy bed every day out of the hay and bedding that we give them so that the mom and pups have a comfortable, safe place to stay.”

According to the National Geographic, North American river otters can give birth to 1 – 6 pups, and at around two months old, they’ll get their first swimming lesson from mom, but that isn’t the only rite of passage on their list. At this time, the trio is still nursing, but soon, they’ll graduate to fish. The new pups will also work on growing a thicker coat and opening up their tiny nostrils which are still closed. So even though the family is bonding well, it won’t be time for the public to adore the baby otters for a little while longer.

Hopefully, they’ll show enough personality to get names soon as well!