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The city of Bandera is located less than an hour away from San Antonio. Bandera, Texas is known world wide as the Cowboy Capital. The unique landscape and architecture shows why it is a one of a kind city. Bandera has played an extremely important role in keeping the unique American traditions of the Texas cowboy alive.

Ranching fell to an all time low in the 1930’s. This is when an innovative rancher decided to take in “dudes” to help him through the depression. Because of this, Bandera has become well-known for having many popular Dude Ranches. Bandera Dude Ranches provide a hands on experience of the cowboy life through horseback riding, chuck wagon meals, and trail rides. One of the more popular ranches near Bandera is the Mayan Ranch.

Do not miss out on seeing the Frontier Times Museum, located in Bandera. This museum serves tribute to the legacies of the American cowboy and ranching practices. The Museum has a large collection of artifacts from Bandera’s early days. Many of these gems were donated from all over the world.

There is always something to do at the local Bandera honky-tonks where Texas artists and musicians mingle with ranchers and tourists, giving Bandera an exciting, unique atmosphere. Traffic around Bandera, consists of horses and motorcycles as much as cars and trucks. The population has held steady for many years at about 1,000 people. But, recently the population of the county has grown substantially.

Enjoy the great outdoors at one of Bandera’s State Natural Areas. The area of Bandera County is home to over 200 different bird species, which can be seen at the Natural Area and Bandera City Park. Horseback riding, popular scenic drives, rodeos, hunting, and golf are all popular activities that any visitor should look forward to. For individuals that enjoy Texas history, there are several museums and historical tours offered in Bandera.

For those that enjoy the night scene, sit back and enjoy the 11th Street Cowboy Bar; where you can enjoy live music and dancing, and buy inexpensive, cold drinks.

Bandera Saloon

City Summary
Population: 856
Elevation: 1,243 ft
The Frontier Times Museum houses a large collection of artifacts from Bandera’s early days.
The city has over 200 different bird species.
Visit the 11th Street Cowboy Bar for a good time and inexpensive, cold drinks.
The most popular dude ranch to the area is the Mayan Ranch.

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