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Enjoy Alt-Mex Cuisine at ‘Barkarita Night’ Benefiting Animal Sanctuary

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Located in rural Guadalupe County, sits an animal sanctuary like none other in the area. SARA (Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption) is home to nearly 750 rescued animals of all kinds – everything from dogs and cats to goats, cows, and donkeys. The mission of SARA is simple: (according to their website) SARA helps any animal that comes to them regardless of species, special health needs, or temperament. As a no-kill sanctuary, no animal is ever killed for convenience. Euthanasia is only employed in the true sense of the word: when an animal is suffering, with no chance of recovery.

“Barkita Night” at Beto’s Alt-Mex: September 18, Benefitting SARA

SARA Pigs and Pumpkins

Photo: Facebook/SARA Sanctuary

As with any nonprofit organization, SARA relies on donations and volunteers to do the hard work of rescuing and rehabilitating these animals of all sizes and conditions. This is why they’re excited to partner with Beto’s Alt-Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio for a fun event.

On Monday, September 18, 2017, join the good folks from SARA for “Barkarita Night” at Beto’s Alt-Mex restaurant, located at 8142 Broadway in San Antonio. Beto’s is donating 10% of the proceeds from this event to SARA. Enjoy good food, happy hour specials, live music and draws and giveaways.

Offering Fresher, Healthier Mexican Cuisine


Photo: Facebook/Beto’s Comida Latina

Beto’s began introducing San Antonio to a new way of eating back in 1997 when they first opened their doors. Coining the term “Alt-Mex,” their alternative to typical Tex-Mex utilizes the freshest ingredients and food that’s just a little bit healthier than the norm. Beto’s if famous for their fried yuca and ceviche, among other popular dishes.

Support SARA Today!

Animal Sanctuary

Photo: Facebook/SARA Sanctuary

What better excuse than to try out a healthier alternative to Tex-Mex and throw some money at an organization doing good work at spreading peace around the Hill Country? To find out more about SARA, visit their website or their Facebook page.