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Becky Rogers: The Unlikely Texas Hill Country Artist

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The artist Becky Rogers arrived in Texas from the Sunflower State and now calls the Texas Hill Country home-sweet-home. Her birth place, Elkhart, Kansas, is a small county seat town in the southwest corner of that state.

Rogers hails from a tri-state area. Three states, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas, intersect near her birth place. Elkhart, Kansas is about 150 miles north of Amarillo, and the Kansas/Oklahoma line divides the town. Rogers could have chosen to travel across the line to Oklahoma or Colorado to begin her adult life, but instead, she chose college and career in the Lone Star State.

Becky Rogers Spring Awakening

Photo: Spring Awakening by Becky Rogers

Becky Rogers, the first-born of five, began painting as a child. She is the first and only artist in the family. Her early memories are of sketches of landscapes, but as a young college student, she decided art was not the best way to earn a living. While attending Lubbock Christian University, she switched her major from art to business, and entered the finance world of banking. So, how did a banker become a well-known Texan and a sought-after artist?

Following the university years in Lubbock, Becky was offered employment in the mortgage and loan sector of finance. She relocated to Temple, Texas, and that occupation lasted twenty years.

Becky Rogers

Photo: courtesy Becky Rogers

While Becky was making a name for herself in Temple, a good-looking guy, Jerry Rogers, caught her eye. He also worked in the banking profession, and marriage was soon in their plans. When asked who her all-time favorite Texan is, Becky quickly responds, “Jerry! He’s a native Texan!” Now, years later, the couple live in the Hill Country. No doubt Becky would have been born in or around Fredericksburg if her parents had given her a say in the matter. All the way from planting her roots in Lubbock, to down south in the Hill Country, Becky loves Texas and plans to stay. The Kansas girl became a Texas lady.

Art, her life-long goal, was forever in her mind, and Rogers continued to dabble with painting while she tallied up columns of numbers at the bank in Temple.

After Temple, the Rogers lived in Corpus Christi for six years, and then found their way to the Hill Country. They searched the region around Fredericksburg and found a beautiful, inspiring location just outside of Comfort, Texas. At present, their large house accommodates two art studios. One is strictly for Becky’s personal use, and the other is her teaching studio. Becky and Jerry plan to downsize soon and relocate to Boerne, Texas, another gorgeous locale for an artist.

Becky Rogers

Photo: courtesy Becky Rogers

How does Rogers decide what to paint? She and Jerry love to travel the backroads of the Hill Country scouting out possibilities. Jerry drives and meanders through country byways and stops often for his wife. Rogers hops out and takes thousands of digital photos of vistas. She later recreates the scenes on canvas. She says, “You never know what breath-taking sight awaits around the next bend in the road. I like to go at different times of the day. I always see something new.”

Each painting is an original. She never paints the identical scene twice. Rogers says, “I love reproducing something to be loved by others.” Her favorite outings center on the Willow City Loop outside of Fredericksburg. “That’s usually where I find the best bluebonnets. I also like Llano and the San Saba area for wildflowers. I love spring. The Texas Hill Country vibrates with color.”

Rogers names and signs each of her paintings. She says the title is the most difficult part of her work and husband Jerry offers suggestions. The name of a canvas might pop into her head days or months after completion.

Becky Rogers Don't Fence Me In

Photo: Don’t Fence Me In by Becky Rogers

Rogers receives commissions from patrons for specific images. People seek her out to recreate their favorite setting. A rancher desires a painting o his spread, another wants to see his cattle on canvas, someone else requests a certain field of Texas bluebonnets. A Painting can take days or months to complete, and pricing depends on the size of the canvas.

Her go-to-food is barbecue, but she doesn’t care for cooking. She also loves country western music. she says, “Jerry knows the lyrics to songs and sings along, and I enjoy listening.” The couple have no children, but they adore their Yorkie. What’s the best part of Texas? “That’s easy. The beauty of the Texas land and the down-home friendly people.”

From the Sunflower State to the Lone Star State and beyond, Roger is now a well-known Texas Hill Country artist. You can see her paintings I many galleries.

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