Bestie Row: These Texas BFFs Live Next Each Other in Tiny Houses

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Bestie Row is a new concept to the old favorite tune “I’ll be there for you.” A group of lifelong friends built rows of energy-efficient tiny homes next to each other overlooking the Llano River near Castell, Texas, about an hour and a half from Austin. The 10-acre piece of land is being called Bestie Row because they all decided they not only wanted to hang out together but live next to each other. Tiny houses plus strong friendship equals a little slice of paradise in the Lone Star State.

Think “Friends” and having the old gang as permanent neighbors. Now you can catch up on the latest while getting that cup of sugar for the pie you’re planning to bake as you convene in the 1,500-square foot common building that’s also a part of the compound. Then sit around the fire at night taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful Hill Country landscape surrounding you. The YouTube video below highlights the homes exterior and interior décor along with the peace and quiet of Mother Nature’s best.

Video: YouTube/Funny and Viral Arts

Friends for over 20 years, these four couples built four tiny homes in the style of those you see on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters. These are modern-day digs with an ode to the kind of wilderness cabins you would rent for a night out camping under the stars. Fred and Jodi Zipp joined forces with three other couples to create Bestie Row, a shining example of the Tiny House movement. Austin-based architect Matt Garcia helped out with the design for the compound. Each house is about 350 square feet.

Those dreams you shared with your childhood friends of growing up together and living down the street from each other can now be a reality. Everything’s bigger in Texas, well, except these homes, but the concept is making big waves across the globe and garnering Texas a niche in the real estate market for downsizing. Although the couples don’t live in their compound full-time, according to, they take vacations to their private oasis in the Hill Country.

Here are some of the perks if you chose to go this route with your own tribe: live-in security, less is more, peace and quiet from the big city, your friends will really just be a hop, skip, and a jump away, and you’ll love your neighbors! To learn more about these unique living spaces or to rent out the cabins visit