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Bestie Saves San Antonio Girl’s 5th Birthday

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When everyone on her birthday party guest list was about to be a no-show, a 5-year-old from San Antonio got the gift that made her party complete. Her “friend since diapers” appeared with a smile, ready to have a good time!

Bestie Saves San Antonio Girl’s 5th Birthday!

Photo: Twitter/Brianna Scherrmann

Anna Schermann’s daughter Brookelyn was planning an aquarium birthday party earlier this month, and as the date started to get closer, her mother saw that people weren’t responding to the invitations and she began to get worried. Brookelyn’s teen sister Brianna was busy keeping the little girl occupied, and hoping she wouldn’t mind that only family was present. But then her friend Bryce showed up, and the birthday became a bash!

Inside Edition picked up the story after Brianna shared the adorable photos of the 2 enjoying Brookelyn’s birthday on Twitter. Her tweets spread, and with more 10,000 interactions, garnered national headlines. Their reactions and clear friendship have warmed hearts, and Brookelyn’s proven it’s not how many gifts you get, but who’s there for you that counts.