Bevo Goes Primal on Bulldogs Mascot… and Social Media Goes Ape

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Tony Maples Photography


Even though the Sugar Bowl, in itself, is a football game worth watching, it seems something else may have stolen the show. The Texas Longhorns mascot Bevo didn’t take too kindly to the Georgia Bulldog mascot and made a slight charge, putting handlers of both animals in a tizzy.

The footage of the incident was shared on Facebook (in the video feed provided below) as well as Twitter, and within minutes, thousands had viewed and shared it. Complex Sports shared the 13-second footage of the incident which took place just prior to the game, which was played on the night of January 1, 2019. In less than a half-hour from posting, it had been viewed by more than 11K. The caption read: “The Texas Longhorn mascot tried to end the Georgia Bulldog… (via TW/aasdanny).” It seems Bevo didn’t take too kindly to a bulldog wearing a red vest. Are you surprised?

Video: Facebook/Complex Sports via TW/aasdanny

Viewer comments coined the moment aptly, with one reader saying, “Here, let’s dress this dog in a red sweater and put him in front of this bull.” The Twitter share was posted by Sports Center and was viewed more than 751 thousand times in less than 30 minutes. The reader comments on the Tweet appeared to be equally split between fans of the Longhorns and Bulldogs, with some a little too harsh to shared here *the writer typed while giggling.* Sorry, Georgia fans… you mess with Bevo, you get the horns.