The Big Kahuna Brisket: 14 lbs. of Texas Hill Country-style Brisket

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Has there ever been a better time to barbecue? We think not. Has any Texan ever let you down with a recipe, a meal, or a meat that was grilled in their backyard, their makeshift smoker, or over a buddy’s bad breakup? Also a “no.” Why? Because we’re known for great barbecue. It’s like a Lone Star State rite of passage. We’re especially good at doing “real deal Texas-style brisket.” Steven Raichlen, author of “The Brisket Chronicles” was featured in the Epoch Times for just such works of art, one of which we’re sharing here. The Big Kahuna Barbecued Packer Brisket is second to none. You can thank us later.

A full packer brisket takes its name from how it’s shipped. To hear that doesn’t necessarily strike a chord with the traditional gourmand. But it’s like the tuning fork with which your Texas barbecue goes from a standard grill to a portal from which the tastiest meal you’ve ever had in your life will emerge. Picture a glowing light you’d almost be drawn into were it not for the family and friends you realize are staring intently as you produce this megalodon from your barbecue. You could almost hear angels singing gleefully in the background. That’s how good this is!

It’s only seasoned lightly, and as Raichlen defines it to the Epoch Times, it’s “then slow-smoked Texas Hill Country-style for the better part of a day or night. The sort of glorious slab of meat—all smoke, spice, and rich, fatty beef—you line up for…” Again, you can thank us later.

The Big Kahuna Barbecued Packer Brisket

The Big Kahuna Brisket: 14 lbs. of Texas Hill Country-style Brisket


Key ingredients for this behemoth include:

1 packer brisket (12 to 14 lbs.)

Seasonings (Sure to produce a taste sensation unlike any other)

A smoker or charcoal grill (And what beef-loving Texan doesn’t have one of these on hand?)


Although the excerpt is shared by the Epoch Times, including all the necessary directions to produce “fourteen pounds of pure proteinaceous awesomeness,” you most definitely will want to consider purchasing Raichlen’s book, “The Brisket Chronicles.” The man knows Texas barbecue, and his book is like a BBQ bible. He’s bringing this sacred knowledge to the masses. With the right cut of meat, and a little know-how, anyone can produce a meal that’s worthy of service, but the guidance he provides ensures little-to-no complexity. Cooking the Big Kahuna Barbecued Packer Brisket low and slow will be a highlight of your epicure career. We guarantee it. Raichlen even goes as far as sharing the integral service elements so appreciated in a Texas barbecue meal. After you cook and try this brisket, no other will suffice.