Buddy Holly & Roy Orbison Holograms Touring Together This Fall

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The story of rock ‘n’ roll as a music genre has been studied and depicted in written form, in song, on TV, and in film. To say “it never dies” would be an understatement of great proportions. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the very stars that brought the sound to life, the legends the world has lost, are being given “new life” as it were. The holograms of the late Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison – two Texans and two rock icons of the highest magnitude – will liven up the stage in the upcoming “Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream Tour.” Complete with remastered audio and featuring a live band as well as backup singers, tickets for the show begin to go on sale Friday, March 29, 2019.

The “Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream Tour,” as it’s called, is a project from BASE Hologram. It comes on the heels of the “In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert” project, in which holograms of the singer returned to the stage for a concert tour. Releasing a statement on their real-life association, Roy Orbison, Jr., President of Roy Orbison Music, said: “Dad jammed with Buddy in Lubbock, Texas, and helped change music history by turning Buddy on to Norman Petty Studios; Buddy later returned the favor by recording two of Dad’s songs on his first Cricket’s album. How beyond cool and special that these two great friends, now get to tour the world together.”

Buddy Holly & Roy Orbison Holograms Touring Together This Fall

Photo: Facebook/Buddy Holly Center

A pioneer of the genre and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, Holly tragically lost his life in a plane crash during the early morning hours of February 3, 1959. Those on the plane who perished with him included Ritchie Valens and Jiles Perry “J.P.” Richardson Jr., otherwise known as “The Big Bopper.” In addition to Orbison Jr.’s statement regarding the upcoming holograms tour, Buddy Holly’s wife, Maria Elena Holly, noted that the pair were “Texans who shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s creative musical genius and brilliant songwriting abilities. Their long-time fans and a new generation of fans will now have the opportunity to see these great legends perform together in a unique setting, showcasing two of the finest, most influential, and beloved artists in music history.”