Secret Buried Treasure in the Texas Hill Country?

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According to J. Frank Dobie’s book Coronado’s Children, the Blanco Mine was rediscovered in the 1800s by a settler named Larimore who found the old mine filled with lead and a great deal of silver. Word has it, ole Sam Bass also buried $60,000 in gold and silver coins near Castell in the Hill Country. He hid the take in a creek bed and marked the spot with a rock in the fork of a tree. He also allegedly buried $30,000 in McNeil. Not much remains of the town and, word has it, no treasure was recovered.

treasurePhoto: Freeimages.com/ Marco Togni

Austin is said to hold claim to the largest treasure, some $3 million dollars worth. According to one source, part of the Mexican payroll was stolen in 1836 and taken near where Shoal Creek empties into the Colorado. One of the outlaws drew a map that showed it buried five feet, close to an oak tree with a carving of two eagle wings.

These stories and more, according to Paris Permenter’s and John Bigley’s Legends of America, have been passed down through many generations and some were taken to the grave to remain a secret forever.

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